Stainless Stainless products can help you keep your stainless steel appliances and fittings looking new:

  • Kitchen appliances
    • Fridges
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Stoves
    • Dishwashers
  • Tap ware
  • Balustrading
  • BBQ’s
  • Pool fencing
  • Light fittings
  • Letterboxes
  • Even your Car
    • Nudge Bars
    • Bull Bars
    • Chrome exhausts
    • Alloy wheels


How can a Stainless Steel cleaner be so exciting?

One of the key products that Stainless Stainless is importing for the local market here in Australia and New Zealand is Innosoft B570. Developed in Europe, this product is changing the way we approach the cleaning and maintenance of Stainless Steel. It has proven itself to be a user and environmentally friendly solution to one of the major problems faced by owners of Stainless Steel products – flash rust and tea staining.

So what makes Innosoft B570 unique?
•Firstly, it is a smooth white viscous liquid consisting of organic acids and surface-active agents that is free from abrasive particles.
•Also, as it is not a pickling agent, Innosoft B570 is non-aggressive for metals. However, it proves to be very effective in removing oxides and dirt.
•Importantly this product is organic, so it is not harmful to people or the environment. As a result, Innosoft B570 is also highly suitable for cleaning machines and pipelines in the food industry.
•Innosoft B570 also works on other metals like copper and aluminium. Common white corrosion spots on aluminium can be effectively removed by using this product.
•And it really works! To give you a better impression of how exciting a product Innosoft B570 is, please click on the link provided to see firsthand some of our test results:…

Anyone who works with Stainless Steel, whether they be metal fabricators, appliance retailers or commercial cleaners, needs to see this product at work! What was once considered too hard can now be done – you can easily and effectively clean your Stainless Steel. Please contact me via our website if you would like to know more.