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We at get into boating are here to guide, support and make your entry to the boating family smooth, fun , educated and easy.

The purpose of this site and our service is to make you want to become involved and do it without a second thought.  Once you have had that thought enter your mind that you want to own a boat or jetski than we want you to follow that thought and allow it to become a life long passion.

Boating is enjoyable it is a lifestyle , but can be daunting for the inexperienced, the new comers.  Don’t let this inexperience deter you from the beautiful world of boating.

Talk to us , join our network and group of boaties and if we can not answer your question , chances are one of our suppliers, supporters, boat owners have already asked the question – so get in touch and come join us , with the right support and experience boating will bring the greatest and happiest times , friendships and memories.

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